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Proceed with Caution

By July 29, 2019News

The purpose of traffic lights is to maintain a safe, effective traffic flow. They were invented before cars and used to control the movement of pedestrians and horse-drawn vehicles. Traffic lights borrowed their concept from railroad signals, originally using two colors; a third, yellow, was added later. The intent of the signal colors was quite clear. Green meant “Go.” Yellow meant “Clear the intersection.” Red meant “Stop.” Unfortunately, too many drivers think yellow means “Go Faster”.

Different professional groups regularly poll drivers about their automobile operating habits. The answers reveal some interesting items:

  • Many drivers routinely witness other drivers running red lights
  • A significant number of drivers admit to running red lights themselves
  • The most frequent reasons for running red lights were because the driver was in a hurry, followed by drivers not noticing the light
  • Most drivers believe that traffic light violations are rarely punished
  • A majority of drivers believe that the consequences of running a light are minor

Driving through red lights is the number one cause of collisions and a leading source of traffic fatalities. Increasingly, towns and cities have turned to technology to help with the chronic problem. Traffic light cameras, though very expensive, are an effective way to reduce traffic light violations and intersection collisions. These cameras are triggered when an auto enters an intersection on a red light, taking a photo of the vehicle’s license plate which results in a traffic ticket being sent to the owner. However, because of their expense, cameras can only be used on a limited basis.

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