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Attractive Nuisances- A Safety Risk

By October 13, 2016September 1st, 2020News
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Let’s face it. You try, but you can’t watch kids every minute. They can be in front of you one second and out swim_ring_in_the_pool_204904the door the next. It’s in that moment that they will find the most potentially dangerous things to get into. Younger children don’t have the knowledge or rationale to realize the risks they encounter. For this reason it is up to the property owner to take reasonable measures to prevent hazardous situations that might be attractive to a child, including those who might trespass unsupervised onto their property. Referred to as Attractive Nuisances, some examples include:

  • swimming pools
  • trampolines
  • playground equipment
  • tree houses and forts
  • abandoned vehicles
  • abandoned buildings
  • discarded appliances
  • construction materials
  • water features such as fountains and koi ponds
  • naturally occurring ponds and swamp land
  • abandoned wells or other large holes

Property owners can be held responsible for injuries or deaths of young children if it can be proven that they knew about the risk and failed to take reasonable measures to eliminate it. Insurance companies are not obliged to insure a property and the presence of Attractive Nuisances can be enough to reduce your available options when seeking coverage. To avoid this issue, remove, secure or lock away any Attractive Nuisances on your property.

No one wants to see a child get hurt, especially when it could have been prevented. At The Insurance Outlet, we know it is always better to prevent loss than to have to recover from it. We do our best to be proactive about reviewing homes before writing a policy and will make recommendations for making your property safer and easier to insure.

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