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5 Reasons To Have a Local, Independent Insurance Advisor

By June 30, 2020News

We’re all bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis from all forms of media promising things like “fifteen minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance”.  But whether you view insurance as an invaluable protection of your family’s assets or a necessary evil, when the chips are down don’t you want to know that the premiums you pay will translate to peace of mind when you need it most?  With this in mind, here are five reasons why you should trust a local, independent insurance advisor from The Insurance Outlet to protect your finances over a gecko, a faceless call center, or even Mayhem himself, accompanied by real testimonials from our valued clients.

1. Product knowledge
When you have a question about your health, is it better to Google your symptoms or consult a doctor?  Of course you’d call your doctor!  Why should your family’s financial health and security be any different?  Your local, independent insurance advisor is state-licensed and has spent their professional life mastering the products you need to protect your assets.

“We have found the folks at The Insurance Outlet to be proactive and responsive to our auto and home insurance needs. We feel we have advocates whom we can trust and we highly recommend them.”
~Robert M., customer since 2012

“The Insurance Outlet and its staff are top notch! They are extremely knowledgeable, they always respond quickly and professionally and they treat each customer as if they are the only one. Couldn’t be happier with the service from the I.O.!”
~Benjamin L., customer since 2011

2. Personalized insurance solutions
Your independent insurance advisor will take the time to discuss your individual insurance needs and then customize a personalized insurance solution to meet those needs.  Not every insurance company is right for every client, and with so many options, no one has time to review every single one on their own.  So why would you limit yourself to a 1-800 number, an online quote, or an agent that is captive to only one insurance company?  Your independent insurance advisor has access to many insurance companies and the experience to know which one is the best fit for you!

“Very responsive sales staff with a flexible product portfolio to fit your personal and business needs.”
~Kurt R., customer since 2015

“Chris and the team at The Insurance Outlet, know the products, know the carriers, know the marketplace. They will listen to your needs and develop a program that fits your needs and are on top of everything during the process and afterwards.”
~Stephen T., customer since 2019

3. Consistent, reliable customer service
If you have questions on your policy, want to discuss coverage options, or need to report a claim, would you rather speak with your local insurance advisor who you know and trust or have your call answered by an automated phone system, followed by a lengthy hold time and a transfer to a call center located who-knows-where?

“I have been in business with The Insurance Outlet for my home and car insurance needs for the past 10 years. It is a local, convenient location and above all, Chris and his staff are directly accessible to attend to your needs – you’re not dealing with an individual over the phone from an unknown location. Chris truly takes care of his customers.”
~Katherine L., customer since 2011

“They always pick up the phone when I call. I have never had to leave a message and wait for a return call. They are prompt and thorough with communication by phone and email. Everyone in the office that I have dealt with is very knowledgeable and willing to find the answers to any questions that I might have regarding all types of insurance. They are extremely pleasant and easy to work with.”
~Samantha H., customer since 2014

“Your annual reviews of our policy and placing us with the right product for the right price without us having to ask is amazing! We also enjoy what feels like personalized service, we can talk to our agent easily vs. stumbling through call prompts and dealing with third party call centers.”
~Randy M., customer since 2012

4. Local knowledge and community involvement
Is there a storm rolling in that could cause damage to your home?  Your local advisor knows about it.  That dangerous intersection in town that everyone talks about?  Your local advisor knows about it.  Is it a tough year for ice dams?  Are the roads slick?  Is it cold enough to burst a pipe?  Your local advisor is there to guide you through because they live in your neighborhood and are dealing with those same challenges themselves.  Try explaining an icy road or an ice dam to a call center representative in Miami.  Or downtown Laconia’s traffic pattern to someone in Nebraska.  Not only does your local, independent advisor know the neighborhood, they give back to their community as well.  They donate time, money, and other resources to support the local area, whether it’s donating to a local food bank, coaching a local youth team, or providing warm weather clothing to people in need.

“You quickly ascertained our needs and proposed an appropriate policy. Good knowledge of situations specific to the local area: second homes, vacation rentals, seasonal properties.”
~Customer since 2017

“Chris and the agents at The Insurance Outlet are the best around. Chris consistently is looking to save us money each year on all of our insurance. These guys are also committed to “giving back” to the Lakes Region community supporting many fundraising events. Top notch and we are continually referring friends and neighbors to them. Quality, friendly service every time.”
~Michael B., customer since 2011

5. Claims advocacy
In a claims situation, who do you have in your corner?  If you purchase your insurance policy online or through a 1-800 number, the answer is nobody.  Don’t go it alone.  Trust your local insurance advisor to guide you through the claims process and advocate for your best interests.

“Frank and I have been extremely happy with both the coverage we have and the promptness with which all our requests are answered by Tim Gerry. We recently had to make a claim and so far everything has been smooth and Tim has been right there every step of the way. I have never had an insurance agent like this and it is wonderful!! We will continue to use the Insurance Outlet for all of our small business and personal needs!!”
~Frank P., customer since 2016

“I am so glad I found The Insurance Outlet. When a mold issue was found in the attic of my home, the insurance company tried to reject the claim. Tim however knew the laws in New Hampshire and contacted the insurance company without my knowledge getting them to honor  the claim. The Insurance Outlet now handles all of my insurance needs home, auto and business! Keep up the GREAT service and you’ll have a customer for life.” 
~Customer since 2016

The Insurance Outlet’s trusted advisors would be happy to perform a comprehensive risk analysis and design a personalized solution for you! Please call or text us at 603-527-8050, or stop by our local office at 174 Court Street in Laconia, NH. For your convenience, also offer online quotes 24-7 at our website. The Insurance Outlet is locally owned and independently operated.